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...Boogie on Fritz

Sometime in the late 90's when the local/regional band market was being flooded, Boe & Ronnie took a bold step of booking shows with just two acoustic guitars and two microphones to see if it would be well received by the audiences.  Not only did it go over well, but the band prides theirselves on starting the acoustic movement in Northern Ohio. 

From the Lake Erie Islands, local venues, private events, to fairs/festivals and beyond, The Roadhouse Acoustic Show brings the same goodtime feelgood music in an intimate setting.  From full band to acoustic solo, the show can cater to your needs!

The show is especially entertaining when Ronnie  is doing one of his 'ARTIST NOT TITLE' shows, meaning he literally goes around and takes nothing but requests.  To father & son, son & grandson, husband & wife.....whatever combination of the show you are looking for, it's a definite crowd pleaser!