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Friday October 24, 2014

Saturday October 25, 2014
Caddyshack & Buckeye Bar - Kelleys Island
Halloween Party

The band will be off for a few weeks due to work and family obligations!

The remodeled website will be available starting on November 10, 2014.  Check back! 

October 20
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...Boogie on Fritz
We love ya
The Roadhouse Band headling the K96.1 SUMMER JAM at the Huron Boat Basin.
Joined by two of the Roadhouse babies, RJ & Chase Chandler.
L-R:  RJ Chandler(age 5) Chase Chandler(age 3) Ronnie Chandler Boe Chandler Timmy Gadomski
On the drums:  Brian Schulenberg  Not on stage:  Heather Chandler
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It seems like we were just playing the season opening at the Caddyshack on Kelleys Island and here it is...........Adult Halloween weekend on the island and the closing of another GREAT year at 'The Shack'!  If you're going to be on the island this weekend, stop by and let us entertain you!  If the weather does not cooperate, we will be breaking out the DJ gear instead of the acoustic trio. 

We're taking a few weeks off starting next week to for work and family obligations.  We'll be back in mid to late November with fresh material, all rested up, and ready to make the goodtime feelgood Roadhouse music. 

To clear the air..........
The Roadhouse Band has proudly been performing at Matus Winery in Wakeman since 2008, with some majors up's and major down's.  Last weekend we had canceled our show almost a week in advance to allow the venue to fill the slot and have a great profitable night.  The show was canceled due to our 'day job schedule' and family circumstances.  Somewhere in the middle was a communication break down and it was said on social media that we merely did not show up.  We apologize if this caused anyone any inconvenience.  We have parted ways after 6 very cool years of performing for our friends at the winery.  On behalf of the entire Roadhouse Band, we wish the Matus family only the best of luck moving foward. 

What to expect coming up.......some fresh material, returning of some cool old venues, and the addition of some new cool venues. 
Thanks for your continued support of the Roadhouse Family!


Thank you for your continued support!!!!!