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It's a very simple theory that Boe Chandler founded the band on in 1980. When you walk into most any local bar, you can be greeted with all styles of music playing on the jukebox, due to that fact that so many different types of people hang out in, Boe decided that the name "Roadhouse" was a perfect name because he was going to play all styles of music for people from all walks of life. 30 years later that theory is still going strong. Boe was joined in 1992 by his 13 yr old son, Ronnie, who now manages the band operations. Sometime nearly a decade ago, Ronnie and drummer Brian were bartenders together and Brian made mention that he used to play in bands, Ronnie took the hint and ran with it, the two have joined forces to make the Roadhouse sound unique, stronger and more precise as ever. The final piece to the puzzle was Miss Heatherlee Marie. She graced the Roadhouse stage in 2004 and has been taking her audiences by storm with her natural on stage sassiness and powerful vocals. If you spend an evening with Roadhouse you will hear the sounds of our southern rock roots, outlaw country into powerful 80's rock, blending with some acoustic rock such as Dave Mathews/Grateful Dead, followed by goodtime blues, oldies, classic and island themed tunes, and don't forget about all those great cheesy bar room songs that no one wants to play, but if you're having a great time, we'll belt out the best versions of Brown eyed Girl, I will Survive, and there is no shame in taking pride in playing Freebird.....We play what you want to hear. If you want to know what we're gonna play, we really do cover the entire map.....We're just goodtime family and friends onstage entertaining goodtime people.

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