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...Boogie on Fritz

It's a very simple theory that Boe Chandler founded the band on in 1980. When you walk into most any local bar, you can be greeted with all styles of music playing on the jukebox, due to that fact that so many different types of people hang out in, Boe decided that the name "Roadhouse" was a perfect name because he was going to play all styles of music for people from all walks of life. 36 years later that theory is still going strong.

Boe was joined in 1991 by his 13 yr old son, Ronnie, who now manages the band operations and is the on-stage leader.  In 1996, the original Roadhouse 'Roadie', Big Ronie Bivin(who grew up next to the Chandler's), was lurking around and wanted to be apart of the show.  Over the next year, Little Ronnie and Big Ronnie worked daily to get Big Ronnie up to speed on the bass guitar.  Big Ronnie was a face of the band until he and family relocated to sunny Florida.  To this day, Big Ronnie is one of the few that can claim the Roadhouse Family as his own. 

Another major piece to the puzzle was Miss Heatherlee Marie. She graced the Roadhouse stage in 2004 and has been taking her audiences by storm with her natural on stage sassiness and powerful vocals. 

In 2010, Boe decided it was again time to take a retirement from the full-time show.  This was a crucial time in the family time line, as the band has always been known for the definitive driving bass guitar sounds.  They needed someone with the right personality and a go with the flow attitude.  They did not need to look any further then an old friend in Timmy Gadomski.  He fit into the band instantly and brought a new fresh and playful stage prescence, to go along with his lock tight bass riffs.  

The next generation is in the wings and soaking up the goodtime music.  Heather/Ronnie's sons, RJ & Chase truly have the sheer love for the music and entertaining.  Both can be found on stage at family friendly shows and certainly do not miss a beat. 

If you spend an evening with Roadhouse you will hear the sounds of our southern rock roots, outlaw country into powerful 80's rock, blending with some acoustic rock such as Dave Mathews/Grateful Dead, followed by goodtime blues, oldies, classic and island themed tunes, and don't forget about all those great cheesy bar room songs. 

There has been countless family members such as Cathy Jo, Bobby Z, Kevin the Clam, Marlyss, Chillipepper, Big Brother B, BK, that have been essential for keeping The Roadhouse Band on the market and we could not have made it without them.....but as saying goes.....the music must play on!!!!!