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Roadhouse Acoustic Show FAQ's:

What exactly is the difference between the full band and and acoustic show?

The Acoustic show features the members of Roadhouse in an acoustic setting, on any different occassion it can be a solo, duo, trio, or the full band.  This format features the same great song variety of Roadhouse, just with less equipment, less sound, acoustic instruments and it can be a uptempo acoustic party or laid back feel.

Why an acoustic show?

Sometime in the late 90's, Ronnie realized that the band market was exploding locally and basically, there were too many bands and not enough venues.  Ronnie & his father, Boe, put together an acoustic duo for happy hour shows at local bars called two guys and their barstools.
It was literally one speaker, two mics, two guitars and the two playing their goodtime music at a low level where all the patrons could still enjoy the music but still engage in their conversations.  This quickly became a hit and has been going strong since 1998.

Is the Acoustic show capable of big shows?

Absolutely!  The Acoustic Show has played to thousands at the swim up bars on Put 'n' Bay, as well as overflowing venues all around Northern Ohio.  Again, it's just preference!
The Roadhouse Acoustic Show is comprised of the members of the Roadhouse Band, all lead vocalists and seasoned veterans of stages of all sizes.  There aren't any pre-recorded parts and fancy effects.  It's fun - interactive - stripped down goodtime music of all genres!

The first acoustic show was back in 1999, when local bands were flooding the local scene, and Ronnie & Boe came up with the idea of branching out to do their own thing and really engage with the audience.  The Acoustic show features all the same great Roadhouse tunes, and pulls their audiences in to make every person feel apart of the show.  Taking requests from song #2 on and going until there aren't anymore requests or the show is over!

Heatherlee & Ronnie really use their "husband & wife" connection to gain laughs and get the crowd involved in their show.  Whether it's a duo, a trio, or the full band.....The Roadhouse Acoustic Show is perfect for the biggest shows or more intimate events.

Venues we frequent:
Wineries across Northern Ohio, The Lake Erie Islands, bars & clubs, happy hour events,
and much much more!!!