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The Story

Brian started playing with Ronnie back in 1999, as the two formed a 2nd generation of the band called "Sons of Roadhouse".  Sons of Roadhouse actually came to happen when Brian, Ronnie, BK, Paul Edwards and Big Ronnie had booked a show at a local Fairview establishment.  The band which was called Warped Time was only suppose to play a hour opener show for the full Roadhouse band.  When the rest of Roadhouse could not make it at the last moment, the five musicians along with 100 of their closest friends got through a five hour night of music and only having about 90 minutes worth of rehersed material.  The band went from Warped Time to Undecided to Sons of Roadhouse to Chasing Mary.  It was shortly after Heatherlee joined the band that it was decided that Brian was the perfect piece to guide the back beat of the band.

Brian's attention to detail and attitude is the reason he drives band to the greater heights.  He is truely the Big Brother of the band always keeping things in perspective and always leading the party charge when the times and mood calls for it.  With Brian around to fill the holes, Roadhouse will always be on top of the music scene.

The Facts

Years in Roadhouse:  14
Age:  44
Nickname:  Big Brother B 
Married to Mama Mia with 3 beautiful kiddos
Biggest Influences:  Clarence Carter & Will Smith
Favorite Venue ever played:  Twilight at the Zoo 
Musical Hero:  Big Ronnie Bivin
Favorite Song to Perform:  Red Solo Cup
Words to live by:  Let me get the Shovel.