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The Story

Heather was a welcomed addition to the band, making her Roadhouse debut on August 14, 2004.  It was that evening that Boe dubbed her as "MISS HEATHERLEE MARIE".  Since that night, she has been the "girl next door & our trashy female singer on the weekend".  She is definitely not new to the spotlight, as she's been performing since her early teens.  With her huge variety of musical interests, she was a perfect fit into the band.  Whether you like the song or not, she will capture your attention with her range and raw talent.  Although the band has had a couple other female singers through the years, Heatherlee is the first to break out of the country mold, as her songlist ranges to all genres of music which again made her the perfect piece to the Roadhouse puzzle.

The Facts

Years in Roadhouse:  10
Age:  Old enough to know better; still too young to care
Nickname:  Sunshine & The Girl
Married to Ronnie with two boys....RJ & Chase
Biggest Influences:  Miranda Lambert, Gretchen, Aqua
Favorite Venue ever played:  Opening for Jimmy Van Zant 
Musical Hero:  Bonnie Raitt
Favorite Song to Perform:  Piece of my Heart

Words to live by:  Get it your damn self!